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12/18/08 05:35 pm

I have been trying to get hired at my work because I am a temp still and have been for 10 months now.

My supervisor really likes me, so I have been telling him to put in a good word for me when he has the time because if i am a temp for a year and don't get hired on i loose my job, which would be in the middle of a semester at school and would really suck to have to find another.

When i get to work this tuesday everyone one is chit chatting, and I can see people crying, so i figure someone must have died. Well someone did die, and it was my supervisor.

He had a heart attack Monday night after work and died instantly.
My last hope of getting the job very suddenly died.

I feel bad for his family. Right before Chirstmas.

...Then i find out all of the temp employees were laid off on monday.

except me.

now i have no idea what to think, but they keep training people in my area. I think they might still try and fire me, assholes, but who knows.

in other news i finished my first semester of college!
I think I did pretty....pretty........pretty..good. I had to juggle a full time job and full time school so i didn't get to study as often as i would have liked. but i got an A in math and engineering, which are the only two classes I really care about the grade.

a month off and 9 out of the next 14 off from work, so i am feeling pretty good.

all i need now is some good new music.

11/30/08 06:24 am

I am in a musical rut.
I can't seem to write any music that i find appealing recently.
it probably has something to do with the fact that i hate my job.
oh well.

after this semester i am going to look for a new job.

::On a different note, i just drove my sister to the airport, and I love it when its winter and dark and morning out.

to celebrate this wonderful occasion i am making a plate full of bacon and eggs.

drive safe.

9/11/08 03:39 pm

I am going to my girlfriends grandmothers wedding this weekend in chicago.

I bought my very first actual nice suit for the occasion.

I would post a picture but i don't have one, so maybe some other time.

This is also the weekend the kitten leaves so when i get home i just might have to go kitten shopping...

we will see about that though.

I am also in the market for a new job, mine is getting really slow and they are cutting hours.
Stupid FDA.

oh well. anyone have some job ideas?


8/30/08 11:25 am

so i cycled from my place to NHCC to go to a study group and no one showed up.

way to go team.

8/28/08 05:17 pm - a little bit about me

I Started school on monday.
I moved out.
I live across the street from allison and i didn't know it until last saturday.
I am watching a kitten for the next month.
I need to buy a suit to go to a fancy wedding.
I took a java class and i really like it.
I was going to buy a road bike and start racing but i think i'm going to get a laptop instead.
Watching a kitten makes me want one of my own.

The guy next to me is watching episodes of power rangers and he looks to be in his mid thirties. man i hope his pants are on.

FFXIII needs to come out.

7/9/08 03:09 pm

I lost my phone.
So if you tried to get ahold of my the last few days i'm sorry for not responding.

i am using my old phone now so i'm good to go.

I turned 21.
i moved out.
and everything is going well.

4/25/08 04:51 pm

Yesterday at about noon a received a message from my boss at ups asking me what i was up to and if i had heard about what had happened. I called him back and found out one of my friends overdosed on Methadone.

Methadone is a narcotic pain reliever, similar to morphine.

Turns out he went to bed last sunday and never woke up. no one found him until one in the afternoon the next day.

i went to the hospital today after work to go see him, and that was the hardest thing i have done in a while. He is in the icu and hooked up to a breathing machine and they don't think he is going to make it.

i walked in and he is just laying there sporadically moving his arms while machines keep him alive.

its weird to think just a few months ago a was giving him rides to and from work everyday and hanging out all the time.

i'm glad no one was there when i went because i don't even know what i would say to his family, his dad saw me in the hallways and said thanks for coming to see him and all i could say was yup. i felt like an idiot.

sometimes life sucks.

sorry for the downer entry.

4/16/08 04:06 pm

that one snowmobile place on 81 is burning to the ground as i type this.

4/13/08 07:22 pm

well this is the first time i have been home with more than an hour of free time in 3 weeks so here goes.

I quit the band a about a month ago. There were a lot of things i just wasn't happy with, so i decided to go in a different direction.

I now work a ton of hours. about 70 -90 hours a week i believe. split 2 ways between boston scientific and dominos pizza. I am saving up all of my money in order to move out in a few months hopefully. i'm shooting for july or august.
I'm going to go to community college this fall which should be pretty sweet.

i still have not cut my hair and honestly i don't plan on it anytime soon, both jobs are okay with it and i have grown quite attached to it...litterally.

all in all i have not hung up my music spurs, in fact i am writing a bunch of songs in my free time that should start popping up in maybe 6 months realistically. 

who knows.

as for right now, i like what i am doing and if i didn't i wouldn't be doing it.


3/21/08 04:33 am

 why is everything awesome when filmed with a high speed camera
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